New elevate Book Reveals…
A Counterintuitive Method To Attract And Grow A Winning Team That Helped Me Build A $200 million Business In 19 States

Without working 14-hour days, 7-days a week, and sacrificing weekends, evenings, or holidays

 As Seen in:
 As Seen in:
“My phone rang… and I hate myself for answering it.”
Words from an HVAC business owner who had to leave his family during Thanksgiving to go fix a client problem.

And what’s ironic is that this guy went into business because he wanted freedom…
From: The laptop of Tommy Mello
Re: Here's how to Elevate your team, business, and life

In 2020, I hired Brad to join A1 Garage and he had never fixed a garage door in his life.

Fast forward two years he was traveling with me to Cabo to celebrate his new sales record: $1.2 million.

But Brad wasn't the only one.

15 other technicians who surpassed the $1 million mark also joined the party.
[My 3 employees and I celebrating our arrival at Cabo!]
And this year, I'm convinced that this number will either double or triple in size.

Wanna know why?

Because I've built a machine that creates A-players at will.

In fact, this month I've hired 50 new people. 

And that's just the beginning.
[The onboarding training of our latest hires.]
Now listen, I'm not sharing this to brag.

There was a time in my business when:
  • People were stealing toilet paper from my office
  • ​I couldn't trust my own team.
  • ​If I needed something to get done, I always had to get involved.
  • ​Employees didn't want to work hard and didn't care about the business
  • ​And sometimes they were just not cut for the job
That made me hate my business. 

I had to work 14-hour days to keep it afloat and had no vacation. 

No weekend. 

No family time.

Every day felt like an uphill battle and I was constantly stressed out.

The worst part?

Whenever people asked me “how is business going?”...

I’d come up with a vague answer and change the subject right away.

I wasn’t proud of my business.

I knew my family, friends, and the few good employees I had all expected more from me.

And I was letting them down.

But for my luck, I stumbled upon a powerful, counterintuitive idea when…

...My life and business were spiralling out of control.

At that time, my role was a firefighter, not literally...

But my primary responsibility revolved around extinguishing work-related crises here at A1 Garage Door.

I had a small group of four trucks...

...A team of fifteen hardworking employees...

...And my own mom even stepped in as the temporary secretary.

Just when I thought life couldn't throw any more challenges my way...

Everything hit me at once.

Two of my most valuable employees confronted me on the same day about problems I couldn't possibly solve.

My number 1 technician wanted a raise...

And my right-hand person wanted a brand-new truck.

I knew how important it was to keep these guys on board...

But here's the kicker:

It would cost me over $50,000 right away to give them what they needed...

And I didn't have that kind of cash lying around.

That realization hit me like a ton of bricks right in the face.

It was like I couldn't breathe for a moment.

These guys were like family to me, and they truly deserved the things they were asking for.

But I felt like such a loser because I couldn't afford to give it to them.

It was a tough pill to swallow and it left me feeling defeated and overwhelmed.

To make matters even worse...

My business model left no room to reward my incredible team for their hard work.

Although it seemed like our business was doing fine to others...

No matter how hard we worked, our profit margins remained stagnant.

It was like we were stuck in this never-ending loop of the same old margins. 

And let me tell you, it was beyond frustrating.

It was like hitting a brick wall, and it left us all feeling frustrated and underappreciated...

...So I Started Looking For A Better Way…

...That same night, I found myself staring at my reflection in the mirror for what felt like forever.

Instead of drowning in self-pity with my usual questions like:

"Why don't they show me any respect?"


"Where can I find employees who actually care?"

I decided to challenge myself.

I asked myself:

"What would it take to build a company where I can set my employees up for success?"

I let that question sink in, and my mind started to wander.

As I stood there, I began imagining how this dream company would look and operate.

I let my imagination run wild, picturing a place where every team member could thrive and feel empowered.

It was a stark contrast to the reality of the business I was running.

That night, I didn't sleep.

I tossed and turned, my mind buzzing with ideas and calculations.

How could I truly lift up my employees?

How could I create an environment where everyone on my team could win big?

It was a puzzle that consumed me.

It was clear that the A1 dream I had been chasing was too small.

We needed something grander, a dream that would ignite the fire within each and every one of us.

But that’s when reality set in.

Early in the morning, before anyone else arrived, I walked into the office.

Armed with a vision, I grabbed a marker and began mapping it out on the whiteboard.

I wrote down the number that we needed to reach: $100,000,000 in revenue

The board quickly filled up with goals, metrics, staffing plans...

And logistical details that would lead us to that ambitious number.

Words, arrows, boxes, calculations, sketches, and diagrams covered every inch of the board.

I started writing a list of 100 things the business needed to become to attract the right team. 

Things like:
  • Have clear processes that show them how to win in the field
  • Show them the exact path they can take to grow within the company
  • ​​Give them the opportunity to make more money based on their performance
  • Provide them with the best training and coaching to learn and grow faster
  • Create an environment where they feel like they’re treated as family
The next day, when my team arrived, they were greeted by this new vision drawn across the walls.

It was a vision where everyone had the chance to win.

It marked an important milestone...

...But turning that idea into reality was a whole different ball game.

And so that's exactly what we did.

We worked tirelessly to build the company I had envisioned.

By the time 2020 rolled around, we had grown to 150 employees and achieved $75 million in revenue.

The company I had imagined was inching closer to becoming a reality...

...However, When COVID Struck, Uncertainty Loomed Over Us And I Braced Myself For The Worst...

On the first day of lockdown, I was met with a line of employees outside my office.

Panic began to set in.

"Were they there to voice their complaints?"

“Are they going to resign?"

"Am I going to be left alone here?”

I didn't have all the answers, but I couldn't turn them away.

I’m sweating so much that my assistant can smell it from the other side of the room.

So, I opened my door, invited the first person inside...

He sits in front of me, tries to utter a few words and pauses to think for another second.

So I say: “Hey John, what’s going on?”

“Tommy, I know the situation with COVID isn’t easy. But I don’t want anyone to get fired. We’re a family here. If needed, I can cut part of my salary to help.”

That caught me off guard.

And John wasn’t alone.

One by one, they all entered the office and offered to help the company.

They offered to take pay cuts, sacrifice their vacation time, and do whatever it took to keep everyone employed.

They suggested working weekends, organizing virtual meetups, and even distributing sanitation supplies.

Their kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity left me speechless.

Another person, with earnest determination, said:

"I want to be the best version of myself I can be. I'm going to be a leader in this company one day, Tommy. And leaders eat last, like you always say."

In that moment, tears welled up in my eyes, and I had to turn away to compose myself.

It was then that the epiphany struck, setting the foundation for this book...

...A1 Garage was winning because we built a structure that Elevated every single member of our team.

I proved the idea of working 24/7 and managing everything yourself wrong.

Instead of only getting to $3M/ year...

I've scaled my company to over $200M+ while being able to take vacations...

...Spend time with family and friends...

...Have my weekends back...

...Wake up with a smile on my face every day...

...Run a business that I'm proud of...

...And not even have to run the business on some days because it’ll be running itself.

One Of The Best Days Of My Life Occurred When I Wasn’t Even In The Office

That's right..

I decided to take a well-deserved long weekend, completely unplugging from work.

It felt amazing to know that my team had everything under control.

Little did I know, I was in for a huge surprise when I returned.

On the day I was away, my sales team managed to close an astounding $512,000 in sales!

Since that episode, I made a promise to myself…

I'll share with other business owners how they can Elevate their businesses too.

How they can stop being a firefighter, build a team that gives a damn about their companies, and scale without having to work like a madman.

Because by doing that, I’ll help Elevate the whole industry.

Which is my goal with my new book Elevate: Build A Business Where Everybody Wins
Here's Just A Taste Of What You'll Get From This Book:
  • The mindset that allowed me to stop being a firefighter and transformed myself into the commander of my ship.
  • ​The structure to Elevate your team and build a company that runs by itself. On our best day we sold $625,000 and I wasn't even there.
  • ​How to use Scorecards to get your team to win and perform at their highest level.
  • Why most advice about Culture sucks, and the right way to build a culture of A-players for your company. We have 700+ employees in 19 states, and our retention rate is through the roof.
  • ​How to create a magnet for talent, so you'll have the best employees begging to work for you. Last month I hired 50 new technicians.
  • The recruiting system that helps you weed out the bad apples and identify the ideal candidates for your business.
  • ​Why “hiring for attitude” only works if you have a killer onboarding process and consistent training. We constantly hire people who are new to the job and in less than 3 months they are already killing it.
  • The exact systems to Elevate your team, retain your best performers, and create an environment where everybody wins.
  • ​The steps you need to take to get started implementing the Elevate model.

There’s Truly Nothing Better Than Having A Team That’s Committed To The Success Of Your Business

They don’t complain...

They always bring solutions instead of problems...

And you don’t need to micro-manage to get things done.

It’s just you and a group of smart, hungry and collaborative people rowing every day in the same direction.

And I know you care about your business and your people too.

I know this because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here reading about my book right now.

So do yourself a favor: Get this book now, and start building an Elevated business.
  • A business that allows you to take time off to enjoy your family.
  • A business where you wake up excited every single day.
  • ​A business that you’re proud of.
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Tommy Mello

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Al Levi was the mentor who revolutionized the way I run processes and systems in my business.

And of the key secrets he shared with me was his 7 steps of delegation.

I used to dump tasks at my team and expect them to get things done.

But they’d just keep getting back to me with more and more questions.

Al taught me that delegation is a process.

If you don’t do it the right way, it will only create more work for you, and you’ll not set your team up for success.

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Growing a business to $200M requires a lot of resilience. And I had my share of scars. Some bigger than others.

And even though some mistakes are inevitable, there are others that I could have skipped.

One the biggest mistakes I made was working with the wrong vendors.

I hired a dozen of SEO companies, social media agencies, recruiting consultants…

And it took a lot of patience and money to figure out the ones that truly deliver on their promise.

That’s why I want to give you a shortcut.

I’m going to give you the list of people I call when I need help to grow my business.

That alone could save you $10,000 or more, and years of your life.
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Here’s What Other Business Owners Are Saying About Elevate
-Ken Goodrich
-Al Levi
-Jim Klauck
-Jody Underhill
-Joe Crisara
-Danny Kerr
-Amanda Holmes
-Meaghan Likes
-Zac Garside
Whether you already have a seven-figure home service business or are just getting started, you’re in the right place.
-Jody Underhill
   Founder of Rapid Hire
The Big Shift You Can’t Afford To Ignore
While I was busy cracking the code on how to create an Elevated business, the job market shifted.

The pandemic changed the way people approach their jobs, and made them re-evaluate their relationships with their employers.

In 2022, 46.6 million people left their jobs.

And this trend is not going down any sooner.

The truth is... no one wants to work for an average company anymore.

At least not the ones who know their value.

People want to work for companies that Elevate them and help them win.

The few companies that realized this are investing heavily in their teams.

And they’ll be the ones reaping the benefits in the next few years…

While the other companies will fight for what’s left in the market.

Top companies used to have their pick of the best people. 

But now the top people have their pick of the best companies.

Things have changed.

It’s only going to get harder to attract and hire A-players to work for your company in the coming years.

This trend isn’t going away.

Not only must we sell customers on why they should do business with us. 

We also must sell employees on why they should work for us too.

Businesses that don’t solve this new set of problems will go extinct.

So you have a critical decision to make right now: 

Do you want to be on the leading edge of your industry...

...Or play catch-up when things get tough?

If you’re ready to take the next step to build an Elevated business, this book is your opportunity to get started:
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